The Clan Donald Society of Glasgow.

Glasgow branch of Clan Donald Society began its 1978-79 session with a change of president. Angus MacDonald, former senior ranking Glasgow police officer and police band pipe major, had just finished a successful stint of three years and handed over the reins to another Angus MacDonald, editor of Scotland’s weekly agricultural magazine, “The Scottish Farmer”.

The branch continues in good heart. Its annual programme of lectures and five ceilidh dances are highly popular events and are tremendously well supported. This is largely due to the activities of an energetic council including an enthusiastic and hardworking secretary, Mrs. May Bannerman.

The session began with an annual reunion dinner dance which was addressed by two MacDonalds, one an eminent heart specialist and the other a well-known Glasgow Minister, who is also in charge of the broadcasting of Scottish religious affairs. It was later said the MacDonalds were being well looked after – body and soul.