A Celtic Dirk at Scotland’s Back? The Lordship of the Isles in Mainstream Scottish Historiography since 1828

By Richard Oram This volume of essays has its origin in a chance conversation in 1993 in which it emerged that no event had been organised to mark the five

The Early Stewart Kings, the Lordship of the Isles, and Ireland, c.1371-c.1433

Egan, S. (2018) The Irish annals record that in the summer of 1433, a large MacDonald war fleet descended upon the eastern coast of Ulster.2 Though the precise location is

‘Macdonald had the victory but the governor had the printer’: Harlaw and the lordship of the Isles

By: Iain G. MacDonald In beginning this article it seems necessary to reaffirm the truths which William Mackay made in his landmark speech at the last centennial of Harlaw in

From Jacobite To ‘Judas’? A Re-Assessment Of The Reputation Of ‘Pickle The Spy’ AKA Alistair Ruadh MacDonell, 13th Chief Of Glengarry

Alistair Ruadh MacDonell, 13th Chief of Glengarry was a staunch Jacobite at the time of the 1745 uprising and a key figure in raising the Scottish clans in support of

Origins of the MacColl Tartan

Origins of the MacColl Tartan. By Peter Eslea MacDonald - September 2021 The MacColl tartan is one of these rare patterns. Although it was not named as such until the

Who Resourced And Built The Iona “Cathedral Of The Isles”? (Part 1)

Who Resourced And Built The Iona “Cathedral Of The Isles”? By Ian Ross Macdonnell: Castle Aros Councilor, The Council of Finlaggan. Read the full article here


The Song of the Death of Somerled and the Destruction of Glasgow in 1153. By Alex Woolf - University of St Andrews Somerled of Argyll is well known as the

Attribution of Iona Graveslab nº. 154

Attribution of Iona Graveslab nº. 154. By Ian MacDonnell, The Council of Finlaggan - Castle Aros Councillor. Read the full article here

A History of Dunluce

A History of Dunluce by Hon, Hector McDonnell - Castle Kenbane Councillor, Council of Finlaggan. Dunluce castle is one of the most dramatic and romantic ruins in Ireland, with cliffs