The Macdonalds of Kinlochmoidart.

After the ’45 the estate of Kinlochmoidart was forfeited but was restored to the Macdonalds in 1784. It remained in the family until 1883 when William Frederick Robertson IX contracted to sell it shortly before his death on 22 February and it was bought by Robert Stewart of Ingliston, in May a few weeks later. The island of Shona Beag, Deer Island and Green Island in the Barony of Moidart were not sold and these three islands remained Macdonald property. The family made every effort to retain a footing in the country of their forefathers, and Ada, the wife of William David Robertson-Macdonald X, built Invermoidart, the house on Shona Beag which was occupied by members of the family for many years. After her death the property passed through several hands till in 1941 it was made over to Commander Alan Robertson-Macdonald RN, XIII, who sold Shona Beag and Green Island six years later. Shona Beag is in Loch Moidart, “in a place of such loveliness so well described by Wendy Wood, and it is good to know that the Macdonalds still belong, for Deer Island remains in the family. It was disponed by Commander Robertson-Macdonald in 1965 to his son David, a retired Lt-Commander RN.

The descent of this farnily from John son of Alan IX of Clanranald, is recorded by Alexander Mackenzie in The Macdonalds of Clanranald (1881), in his History of the Macdonalds (1881), and by the two ministers, Angus and Archibald Macdonald, in The Clan Donald (1904). Other sources of information are available, including Fasti under Moffat parish and J. G. Macvicar for the Macvicar branch, the Robertson-Macdonald papers in the National Library of Scotland, a history written by David Macdonald Robertson-Macdonald XII in the hands of Commander Alan XIII, and Colin S. Macdonald’s typescript in the Edinburgh Record Office.