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Keys to the successful selling of your home

When it comes to the choice that we need to sell our home, of course we would like it to be a quick process which doesn’t result in selling the property way under its intended price. Of course, this is never easy to achieve but there are some tips and tricks that can further help you in the process. Let’s get to see these:

1.) Renovate

Renovated homes can be sold for a much higher price than those which look used. Even if you don’t have a lot of budget, try to make sure that at least the most visible areas and the biggest risk factors, considering plumbing and electricity issues are taken care of. Also, a quick retouching of painting can do wonders to any home.

2.) Remove all unnecessary things

When the open day comes, make sure you have most of the things packed away neatly. The less things are around, the bigger the rooms look. Make sure you remove all unwanted or old/user furniture to a nearby storage place.

3.) Clean home

Make sure you give a good, thorough cleaning to your home. This also includes carpets, curtains, garden and other visible areas. Cleaning does wonders to a home.

4.) Move out the pets for the open days

While people generally like pets, you cannot be sure of that. Also, some may even be allergic to animal hair. Overall they can serve as a negative distraction. Therefore make sure they are kept elsewhere for the duration of the open day.

5.) Work the lighting

Lights can make rooms look much nicer, bigger and brighter. Invest in new lamps or just move them to strategic places so that they can help in giving a good impression.

6.) Refurnish the house if needed

If you have a good real estate agent who will sell house fast and he/she advises you to rather rent furniture and an interior designer to give your home a good design, go for it. Furniture and interiors can make a huge impression to the potential clients and they play a large role in someone deciding on buying a property too.

7.) Kitchen rules

If you have any money to invest and if the current kitchen is used: use that money to invest in getting a brand new kitchen furniture. This is the room which is the most valuable one in a house and also the room that plays the largest role in the decision in buying a home.

8.) Bring some color in the interior

Nice plants, curtains, carpets can add a fresh and beautiful flavor to any room, especially in the living room.

9.) If you have a fireplace

Make sure you light it up for the open day and of course have it all cleaned out to show it in its best light. There are many people who dream of having their own fireplace and it’s certainly an important deciding factor for many.

We hope that some of these tips and tricks will help you too, to sell your house quickly for a good price.