The Clan in Tasmania.

Clan Donald Magazine No 4 (1968) Online

The Clan in Tasmania.

The President is Dr C.B. MacDonald who is a chest specialist and is in great demand at the local Repatriation Hospital where he has the confidence of patients and staff alike.

The Vice-President is Professor Isles, who has recently retired from the position of Vice-Chancellor of the University of Tasmania. A man who has played no small part in moulding the men who are now the leaders of our community. He is a man of outstanding integrity and towers above the population both for his academic qualifications and for his loveable friendliness.

The Secretary-Treasurer is Mr Charles MacDonald, who holds an executive position at the “Mercury Printing Press”. This is the biggest newspaper in our state and the secretary of our society has much to do with making it a large influence in the thoughts of the local folk. Added to this he is a most kindly, thoughtful man whose main concern is to help other people.

The Society boasts of a mixed bag ranging from phsychiatrists, through dentists and lawyers down to members of the clergy. We all acknowledge the debt we owe to Grahame MacDonald for all the drive and help he has given us as Commissioner for Australia.

With fraternal greetings.

Iain J.B. Macdonald
Archdeacon of Hobart.