More about Lochaber.

In a deed dated 7th July 1628, a feu farm lease was given for Fersit, Inverlair, Monessie, and Loch Treig to Alex. of Keppoch from George, Earl of Enzie. (C.D. vol. 2, page 627.)

In January 1662, Alex. MacDougal of Inverlair (and of Siol Dougal) brought a complaint to the Privy Council against Alex. of Keppoch for raiding, burning and threats. The Inverlair MacDougals were a Siol Dougal of Clanranald who had previously got a wadset of Inverlair from Huntly, independently of Keppoch.

The Keppoch murder of 1663 of the two young Keppoch sons by their tutor Alasdair Buie and his two sons was allowed to go unpunished by Glengarry, but the poet Ian Lom took it up, got a search warrant from the Privy Council in 1665 against them, plus Alex. MacDougal of Inverlair, Dougal MacCoul in Inverlair, Dougal MacCoul in Talzie, and Patrick Dunbar. Ian Lom and his party of Sleat Macdonalds caught and slung up seven men and washed their severed heads in Invergarry well. The heads were subsequently sent to Pilrig (Leith) for public view by Glengarry, presumably to curry favour with the authorities as he had previously refused to help. Were these men the same as in the Privy Council list? Some books indicate that Siol Gorrie in Fersit were also involved, but no individuals were of Siol Gorrie so far noted.

Raids on Perth by Lochaber Macdonalds in 1677 were not organised by Keppoch, who was then out with Dundee and died in 1682 when Coll took over after being imprisoned by the Macintoshes. He escaped the fate of Glencoe by submitting in good time in 1691.