Rob McDonald Parker Receives Clan Donald USA Distinguished Service Award

On 24 September 2005 Rob McDonald Parker was awarded the Clan Donald USA Distinguished Service Award by Lt Col Al Manning, the High Commissioner. The award, approved by the Board of Directors of Clan Donald USA Inc, is awarded to members of Clan Donald who have made a significant contribution  to Clan Donald USA in a capacity other than Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and Convener. There is no higher award for service to Clan Donald in the USA.

The Edinburgh Society congratulates Rob on this well-deserved award which is in the form of a medal worn around the neck, the citation for which reads:

“Your dedicated service to the preservation of the heritage, traditions and history of Clan Donald spans a period of more that 25 years. As Director of the Clan Donald Centre, Isle of Skye, you were responsible for recognizing, planning, organizing and directing numerous projects devoted to the reclamation and restoration of the buildings and grounds of Armadale Castle, and management of the more than 20,000 acres comprising the Clan Donald Lands Trust Your frequent visits to the Clan Donald, USA Annual General Meeting to report on the activities and of the Centre and Lands Trust were one of the highlights of the meetings.

“You have continued to serve Clan Donald for the past several years as Advisor to the High Council of Clan Donald Chiefs. The Annual Chiefs Council Tour that you have organized and conducted the past five years have provided opportunities to Clan Donald members not only to visit areas of Scotland with significant importance to our Clan, but also to experience the rare privilege and pleasure of having our Chiefs narrate this history to us. The High Chiefs Council is rapidly developing into a forum to provide an opportunity for our members worldwide to discuss issues of utmost importance to our continued growth and success.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and members of Clan Donald, USA, it gives me great pleasure to present you the Clan Donald USA Distinguished Service Award, in recognition of your outstanding contributions to our organization. Congratulations and best wishes for continued success in the future.”