Clan Donald Educational and Charitable Trust

– Created 15th December 1955 –

Clan Donald Educational and Charitable Trust was created for the improvement of the happy relationship existing between Scotland and the United States of America by such educational, literary, scientific, charitable and religious means as the Trustees may from time to time deem appropriate.

The means to be used by the Trustees in the furtherance of this general object are not limited, but the Deed of Trust mentions as specific examples of how these objects may be achieved: The granting of scholarships, awards, prizes and fellowships, aiding immigration, and rendering assistance to the aged and infirm.

Contributions to the Trust may be made at either of the offices of the Trust. Cheques should be made payable to Clan Donald Educational and Charitable Trust.

Union Trust Building, Pittsburgh 19, Pennsylvania.

12 Hope Street, Edinburgh EH2, Scotland.