The Chief of Glengarry


Colin Patrick MacDonell of Glengarry,
24th Chief of Glengarry


Glengarry was born on 12 March 1946, second son of Air Commodore Aneas Ranald Donald MacDonell, 22nd of Glengarry and younger brother of the late Aneas Ranald Euan MacDonell, 23rd of Glengarry.  Always known by his second name, Patrick, Glengarry attended Bryanston School in Dorset, England and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  He is a Registered Professional Forester (ret) and a Certified Management Accountant (ret).

During his career, Glengarry held a number of senior positions in the forest industry managing projects in western Canada and Southest Asia.  He retired in 2012 as a Director with the Yukon Territorial Government, Canada.  He lives in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with his wife Lourdes.

The MacDonell of Glengarry motto is Creagan an Fhithich

Heir Apparent

Angus Curt MacDonell, Younger of Glengarry

Angus Curt MacDonell, Younger of Glengarry, was born in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada, and has grown up in Vancouver. He attained a degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia and is fluent in German and French.

His career path brought him into the bustling Vancouver film industry building movie sets. Having met his wife Diane on-set they began a family (daughters Scarlett and Bianca) and he transitioned into the commercial construction sector.