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  "The Macdonald" inauguration, Finlaggan.

Introduction - Recent history of the data base.

Dec 2021. This body of genealogy is the recently recovered and preserved Clan Donald data base. The data base was originally prepared by the Clan Donald Society Edinburgh, which closed in 2007. With the closing of the Edinburgh Society, this important Clan Donald asset should have been transferred to the Clan Donald Society of Scotland, but, for whatever reason, it was not. To complicate the issue, it has not been possible to contact the original compiler, webmaster. However, it has now been re-assembled into this new genealogy programme by obtaining and using the raw data sets utilized by the Clan Donald USA DNA Project. The data base is composed of 6060 individuals, 2499 families with 1116 unique family names. This data will be improved over time as accuracy is checked, errors corrected, and more details added (suitable, qualified genealogy administrators are yet to be selected and approved by the High Council). The digitised collection of the Clan Donald Society of Edinburgh's Clan Donald Magazine, going back to 1953, has also been recovered and is located on this website under the tab "History & Culture". The feature articles on the right are quick points of entry into the Genealogy Database for some well-known Clan Donald identities. Their antecedents and progeny can then be traced easily by clicking on their fathers, mothers, children, and siblings. This important project has been sponsored by the Council of Finlaggan, and was led by Ian Macdonnell, Australia, the Castle Aros Councillor.

Feature Articles

feature 1 SOMERLED.... “WOUNDED BY THE SPEAR, SLAIN BY THE SWORD, SOMERLED DIED.” Somhairle Mor MacGillebride (Abt. 1100 - 1164) King of Argyll and the Sudreys. He was born ca.1100 and in 1140 married to Ragnhilda [the daughter of Olaf Bitling, King of the Sudreyar (Hebrides and Man) and of Ingibiorg, daughter of Hakon Earl of Orkney (ca.1122)].

feature 2 DONALD (eponymous) Mac Ranald.... "DOMHNALL MAC RAGHNAILL, OF THE STATELY GAZE" (Niall MacMhuirich - 17th C..) The eponymous Donald after whom the Clan Donald takes its name. "The "Royal Family of Macdonald, formerly Kings of the Western parts of Scotland and the Isles [Innse Gall].” {W. Sacherverell Esq., Governor of Mann, 1688.}

feature 3 ANGUS OG of BANNOCKBURN FAME........... "THE NOBLE AND HIGH CHIEF OF THE INNSE GALL." "My hope is constant in thee" (Robert The Bruce to Angus Og at Bannockburn).

feature 4 DONALD OF HARLAW.... “SONS OF CONN REMEMBER.” "You Clann of Conn, remember this: Strength from the eye of the storm./ Today is for triumphing, You hardy great hunting-dogs, You big-boned braw battle boys." After the Gaelic of Lachlann Mor MacMhuirich (fl. 1411)

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